Saturday, November 21, 2009

Movie: Papadom best!

Could a loving husband fulfill his late wife's wishes? This movie tells a tale of Saadom who is a successful Nasi Kandar businessman in Pulau Pinang. His wife's last wishes before she passed away to take good care of their daughter Mia, changed Saadom's life forever. From a very buzy businessman who is so infatuated with his Nasi Kandar business, Saadom changed into becoming a very dependable father who is very much focused on her daughter's life. As Mia, grows up she gets a bit annoyed with her father's endless care and devotion towards her which at times seem to much to handle. Her friends are also annoyed with Uncle Saadom who tends to follow Mia wherever she goes. Saadom hugs and kisses his daughter in front of her friends, during lunch break Saadom would come to the school to send some lunch meals for her and her friends but this is not well appreciated by her friends because the Nasi Kandar would ruin their diet. He would also be often seen in the school premises in order to make sure of Mia's safety and sometimes he is being forced out of the school by the Principle.

.: Layan Papadom masa khalisah tgh tido :.

.: Salah satu scene dalam citer Papadom :.

Source: Jiwang Torrent


|arieza| said...

yeah hidup papadom! hahah aku nk smbg tgk mlm ni.. td xsmpat tgk hbs sbb dating ngn incik sabarudin kt ym haha :p nnt aku kasik review jugak! yiha! so far aku enjoy!

eiman@nurizan said...

|arieza| aii blum abis tengok dah enjoy? ko enjoy dating sama incik sabarudin ka enjoy tgk papadom? kah kah kah

irahehe said...

wahh..papadom de best!
haha..mule2 igtkn xbez tpi bile kwan ckp bes ira try r tgok..

btol2 bes..dgn scha yg mcm meluat sket..

admin said...

irahehe: citer dia simple aje, tapi bila naturally lebih kurang macam kita pernah alami tu yang jadi best tu..

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