Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shock Absorber & Safety

Even though its simple appearance, shock absorber is a highly compex product, manufactured by long and highly technical process routes, by combining numerous individual components by means of dedicated specific machinery. Therefore you should be aware that repairing of a shock absorber, as some might claim, is not likely nor advisable. The ones who attempt to repair your shock absorber are far from having all the equipments and components that shock absorber producers have, therefore what a repair shop preliminary does on a shock absorber cannot guarantee a safe driving as original shock absorber producers warrant so. Therefore;

  • Keep using a shock absorber of a respectable manufacturer with a brand known and approved by the market.
  • Avoid those who offers repair on your used shock absorber.

For your driving safety and economical usage of your shock absorber please be aware and remember the below;

  • In order to keep shock absorber in warranty coverage, take special care not to damage chrome plated piston rod during fitting.
  • Please fill in Warranty Certificate in packaging completely in order to utilize your warranty coverage.
  • Before fitting please read the instructions at the back side of Warranty Certificate carefully.
  • Before fitting, hold shock absorber upwards and move piston rod in and out 2 or 3 times in order to allow complete lubrication.
  • For your safety please have your shock absorbers checked in every 20.000 km and have them changed when required.

For your information the following cases are out of warranty coverage;

  • Assembly of shock absorbers onto the vehicle by using assembly methods other than what was specified on catalogue and producer instructions.
  • Defects occurred as a result of wrong assembly methods.
  • The damages or deformations on piston rod surface, oil seal, outer tube or dust cover due to mishandling of shock absorbers or using fixing equipments other than apparatus and/or equipments supplied or addressed by the producer.
  • Damages resulting from usage of old and worn-out mounting parts on new shock absorbers.
  • Usage of shock absorbers on race/rally cars and damages resulting from accidents.
  • Physical changes on the combination or design of shock absorbers such as welding extra parts onto shock absorbers


izman said...

n3 ko ni buat aku rindu kat company lama.

Dzulfikri zulkiflE said...

mule2 tgk gamba cam bez,bile bace sket,laz2 english da,maleh aku..hoho

ILA said...

Adehhhh..nak baca secara lanjut tak leh lerr...bukan reason tak paham..tapi wording semua jatuh ke bawah..Ehh awak guna apa yeakkk???
ngape lain mcm jenis blog ni..huhukkkk:(

Anonymous said...

wording jatuh ke bawah? ish mana ada biasa je tengok

luluchen said...

incik absorber tu blh beli ke?dpt staff price x?kalo test dulu boleh?(ni cara sopan santun nak mnta abs depan lak ni)hehe

Anonymous said...

haha absorber rear kancil banyak kat belakang tuh, amik je berapa nak... nak tukar sekali seminggu pun bleh

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
luluchen said...

rear xmo...dah amik dah pon,eh!dah 'beli'.nak front nye lak..haha tamak2

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